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The Last Leaf O. Henry 1 At the top of a three-story brick building, Sue and Johnsy had their studio. "Johnsytastes in art, chicory salad and bishop sleeves so much in tune that the ...

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LEAF n. 1. 叶子[C] The trees are thick with leaves. 这些树生长着浓密的树叶。 2. (书籍等的)一张,一页[C] He tore a leaf out of his notebook. 他从笔记本上扯下一页。 3. (折叠式桌子的)活动面板[C] 4. (门,窗等的)页扇[C] 5. (金属的)箔[U] vt. 1. 匆匆翻阅 He was leafing a magazine. 他正在翻阅一本杂志。 vi. 1. 生...

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[图文]生活大爆炸 第一季 / The Big Bang Theory Season 1 / 天才也性感 第一季 / 天才理论传 第一季 leaf +的电影主页

[图文]/ 火箭男孩 普罗旺斯的夏天 / Avis de mistral / 米斯特拉尔说 / 南部风暴预警 非常父女档 / No se aceptan devoluciones / 不接受退货 / 重点是,我爱你 leaf +的电影主页

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LEAF | a non-profit organization connecting CULTURES & creating ...

A spirited celebration of regional and world folk arts. Includes music, dancing, concerts, handcrafts and healing arts.

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a petal: a rose leaf. 4. leaves collectively; foliage. 5. Bibliography. a unit generally comprising two printed, blank, or illustrated pages of a book, one on each side.